To preserve the cultural heritage of the 4th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment in all its permutations.


The vision of the 4RAR (CDO) Foundation is:

  •  To create a unit museum that is highly regarded by serving and ex-members of the 4th Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, the museum community and the public.

This vision sees the Museum Foundation in 2015 as a friendly, inviting and exciting place for people to visit, providing a range of museum experiences to meet varying target audience needs.

It includes: Replica Watches

  •  Public promotion of the Museum Foundation which is strategically planned, long-term, committed and aggressive with the   objective of making the 4 RAR Museums an attractive visitor destination.

  •  Presentation of the Museum Foundation displays and services in a professional, friendly and attractive manner.

  • Ensuring the survival of the Museum Foundation into the future through professional preservation and conservation activities and expanding the collection as and when the opportunity arises.

  • Meeting major financial needs related to the Foundation?s activities and development through fundraising and sponsorship seeking activities


The goals of the 4 RAR Historical Foundation is to: 

1.      Foster mutual respect between former and serving members of 4RAR. 

2.      Fulfil the historical appreciation and educational requirements of serving 4 RAR personnel. 

3.      Satisfy the historical information needs of ex-members of 4 RAR, their families and thepublic. 

4.      Satisfy the historical information needs of authorised researchers. 

5.      Document all policies, plans and procedures. 

6.      Develop a motivated team of volunteers. 

7.      Establish and maintain relevant working and display facilities. 

8.       Maintain financial viability. 

9.      A commitment to achieve growth through validation and review.